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The Mat-free Cat: How to do that!

'The mat-free cat: How to do that!' is the book on the Dutch and Flemish market to learn how you, as a cat owner, can keep your cat's coat tangle-free.

A few years ago I tried if I can get the book translated because there is also a lot of demand from the English market. Unfortunately, this was too expensive.

However, during this process, Rachel, Gina, and Jill did help me translate a few parts of the book, which I'd like to share with you.

If you dare to buy the book in Dutch, you can do so via I've heard it's easy to read if you run parts you can't follow through Google Translate.


Dear cat lover, 

This book is for everyone who has their cat’s best interests at heart and who wants them to be comfortable in their own coat and skin. This complete guide provides the basics for everyone, from cat owner to professional. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a sleek, shiny coat on their family cat and who can resist the luxurious ruffs and manes on our long-haired fluff-balls? 

Essentially this book is written for cat lovers to understand how the skin and fur work. Giving you the skills to make your cat look and feel in top shape, even when they can’t quite manage on their own anymore. 

If you are a professional, then don’t put this book down. If you work in a pet shop, a veterinary practice, at the animal shelter or in a grooming salon and would like to provide your customers with good advice, then this book is definitely for you. You’ll learn how to help your customers with their problems and maybe learn something extra yourself. Every one has a talent. Each to their own. 

All roads lead to Rome. The same can be said about the grooming and coat care world. The practical tips and advice in this book come from years of experience and committed learning through the many courses and lectures I have followed. Last but not least through my mistakes. We’re only human/ To make mistakes is human. 

I knew nothing when I bought my first long-haired cat. The short-haired outdoor cats I'd had before never seemed to get sick and never lived long enough to develop elderly health issues. 

After following a cat grooming course that really wasn’t my thing, I decided to start as a cat groomer. After all, I hadn’t followed a course for nothing. I wasn’t very good. The cats didn’t like the way I handled them and anyway, what did I know about cat behavior. ‘Get a good grip then you’ll win in the end’ was what I had learned. Well you don’t win. Deshedding and brushing cat fur to get as much undercoat hair out as possible just didn't feel right. After all, it’s there for a reason. Things went much better after I did an extra course learning about the behavior of the cats. With extra tuition on skin and coat care from expert Jet Bijen-Veldhoen, everything fell into place; after 18 months struggle I had finally started on my dream job. No, I didn’t make a career switch, just a method switch. From dominating the cat and removing all the undercoat fur, to leaving the cat in control and doing only what is necessary. What a difference! 

Since I do not wish anyone, professional or cat lover, to make grooming as a real struggle, I decided to write this book. After all, we love cats and don’t want to destroy the close bond we have with them through grooming, something cats often experience as negative. When you know what to do to help your cat, together with the right brushes, the right techniques, and an attentive eye; then everyone can avoid major coat problems. 

I do want to share a cautionary note at this point; coat problems are not always the caused by owners who don’t groom enough. Often there are other less obvious causes. Think about overweight, illness, and stress; even brushing too much or brushing with the wrong tools can be causes. Naturally I will take you right through all existing coat problems, and if it’s necessary I will take the greatest care in putting you in touch with the right specialist to help find a solution to these underlying causes. If a specialist isn’t the answer, for whatever reason for example sickness, then you can also find tips on how to help your cat maintain their coat, which they can no longer do it themselves. You can fix a coat problem, that's for sure, but it takes perseverance and patience. 

Have fun reading this book and enjoy your cat's sleek, full and most of all tangle free coat. Your cat will not only look beautiful, but it will also feel healthy; comfortable in his own skin. After all, the coat reflects a cat’s health. What more do you need? 


If you have any doubts after reading this book, then do me and your cat a favor and try out this method on one side of your cat. Do what you always did on the left side and what I advise on the right side. I’d be very curious about the results. Will you share them with me? 

Thanks for this part Rachel. 

What you need to do during the spring molt? 

During the spring molt a cat rids itself of its entire winter coat. That is, the undercoat. This has been replaced in the meantime by a ready-made new coat of wool hair. It is possible that your cat is unable to rid itself of the shedding hairs of its coat. Think about the enormous coats that our (half) long haired cats have these days, but also the thick British coats can cause considerable problems. 

Our ever-changing climate can also attribute to problems with the coats, remember the Spring of 2018, where the temperature in one single month changed from minus 10 to plus 26 degrees Celsius. And just to make things clear, we went from a static, dry and used coat during the frost to a static, used and shedding coat during the heat. This caused a lot of work in the salon. 

The molting step-by-step plan is perfect for cats with thicker coats or for other cats that cannot cope themselves during these extreme temperature differences. If you stick to the basic weekly plan that you have read about before in chapter 1, then increase the intensity when more problems occur. 

If you want to work with shears so that you can get rid of the tangles on your cat as painlessly as possible? Then come to the Cat Salon, for the workshop: Trim your own cat. There you can learn the fine art of the subject. A pair of shears in inexperienced hands can often damage the skin. 

Thanks for this part Jill 


'For some time I considered taking a cat grooming workshop at Cats Only. I have a Norwegian forest cat that got a lot of matted-fur this winter and clearly needs more coat care. The book "Mat-free cat, that's how you do it!" Tells in a nice sensible way how to take care of your cat's coat without using all kinds of technical terms. The book is easy to read and above all tells what not to do. Highly recommended!'
Coby Malogrino – Cat Behaviour Therapist at Katviseur and owner of four cats 

'My compliments on how you have compiled and written this book. There are so many lovely pictures. It's easy to read with clear explanations and tips. I'm hoping to keep Ginger and Oliver's coats under control, failing that I'll be in touch. Thank you so much and good luck with the book.'
Kula Giantsios – Owner of two Persian cats 

'When your cat's coat needs more than the regular care, this book gives clear and detailed explanations on how to support your pet without causing harm. The how and the why and clearly explained. A must-have for every cat owner!'
Tessa van den Hoogen – Owner of a rescued domestic cat 

'Wendy's book takes every cat owner into the world of coat care, that is not always easy, but often necessary. She writes clearly and always from the point-of-view of the well-being of the cat. That is the most important thing! The customization for each cat is also discussed in detail in terms of coat, but also in terms of behaviour. That certainly makes this eBook a valuable asset and a valuable reference work for any cat owner who wants to know all about their cat's coat.' 
Hennie Schuit – Cat Groomer at Kattentrimbus and Cat Behaviour Therapist 

'This book is the perfect guide for any cat lover who wants to take optimal care of the cat's coat. It is clear and is full of easy tips on how to keep the coat knot/ matt-free. I myself am a cat groomer and think it is a fine reference work for our industry. A perfect refresher course.' 
Desiree de Rue – Cat Groomer at 

'The book is super clear and I've already found some tips that I can use with our senior Maine Coons; Cissy and Caruso. The book is easy to read and is divided into clear chapters. All-in-all definitely recommended for people with a cat/cat who needs coat care.'
Monique van der Wallen – Cat Owner of two Maine Coons and a Ragdoll kitten 

'Very educational book that every cat owner can learn something from.'
Lieve Stienaers – Cat owner 

Wendy's book is fantastic. Well written, with beautiful pictures, and reads very easily which allowed me to finish quickly. The book provides lots of good tips that are easy to follow, even for a layperson who knows nothing about cats! In one word, recommended, especially with cats with difficult coats or just with a cat, like Simba, who is short-haired. I have learned a lot that will help me in practice. 
Monique de Greef – Owner of domestic cat Simba 

'I think it's a well-written manual on dealing with coat care, and cat-friendly. With realistic problems that cats, and cat owners, can face. It's an honest and knowledgeably written book, where you as an owner gain an excellent basic knowledge of caring for the coat of your cat. The chance to have additional practical lessons from Wendy is the BEST! '
Joline de Jaegher – Cat owner, Cattery owner, Cat Groomer, and Cat Behaviour Therapist at Chat-O-Gand

'A very educational book for both the groomer and the people who have a cat at home.'
Christel Wester – Cat Groomer 

'Both an entertaining and informative book. It clearly explains what to do and what not to do if your cat has coat problems. Also which products can or cannot be used. Very clear and well applicable in practice.'
Fraukje van Doorn – Veterinarian at 'De Waalsprong' Veterinary Surgery 

Thanks for this part Gina