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The cat hotel will be permanently closed from January 2022


Cats Only

Wendy Govers –van Thiel
Broekkantseweg 15
5421 XW Gemert


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Blackberry | mei. 2019

Salon 'First time visit, good experience and precessional service from Wendy. My cat enjoy his shower and had a relax time. Definitely will come back.' – Huis-Tuin-Keukenkat Blackberry door – Kuan uit Eindhoven (NB)

About me

I grew up on a farm between cats. I dreamt of working with animals. That dream became reality and now I get to work with cats on a daily basis. Every day I look after these beautiful and perky animals. A job that suits me perfectly!

In the Cats Only cat salon, in business since 2010, I help cats and their owners, who experience trouble with taking care of their pet’s fur. Due to my cat-friendly approach, those painful tangles are gone in no time. I literary help both cat and owner to feel good in their own fur and skin! It is amazing to see the owners and their cats leave the salon happy and content, with a lot of tips and tricks and in good spirits.

I also run an exclusive cat hotel, opened in May 2016. I started this new service under the philosophy of ‘dream-dare-do’, and after noticing the lack of cat hotels in The Netherlands.
In my hotel I offer spacious rooms for cats, which they don’t have to share with other guests. This makes the cats feel very comfortable and relaxed. And that ensures a pleasant vacation for both the cat and its owner.

Why did I start Cats Only? Because I feel that each cat deserves personal attention, the best care and the opportunity to be its own unique self!

mrt 31, 2023 |

'The mat-free cat: How to do that!' is the book on the Dutch and Flemish market to learn how you, as a cat owner, can keep your cat's coat tangle-free.

A few years ago I tried if I can get the book translated because there is also a lot of demand from the English market. Unfortunately, this was too expensive.

However, during this process, Rachel, Gina, and Jill did help me translate a few parts of the book, which I'd like to share with you.

If you dare to buy the book in Dutch, you can do so via I've heard it's easy to read if you run parts you can't follow through Google Translate.

mrt 26, 2023 |

In het blog van vorige week: ‘Zo voorkom je krabbende katten in huis’ leerde ik je waarom katten krabben en hoe je ervoor kunt zorgen dat ze op de juiste plekken krabben. 1 van de beste manieren om hiervoor te zorgen is het aanschaffen van de juiste krabmeubels. Deze week laat ik je een krabmeubel zien wat voor onze kittens een echte uitkomst is.

mrt 19, 2023 |

Krabbende katten zijn een hel. Rafels aan je bank en je stoelen, een vloerkleed met de halen erin en je gordijnen vol gaten. Je moet er toch niet aan denken! De oplossing je kat straffen is echt een no go! Sterker nog het werkt averechts. Krabben is namelijk een natuurlijk gedrag van de kat dus we moeten hen de kans geven om dit te doen, maar dan op de gewenste plekken. In dit blog leer ik je eer over krabben en hoe we ervoor kunnen zorgen dat je kat het doet waar jij wil.