Cat Hotel

A well-deserved vacation for you and your cat!

The cat hotel by Cats Only: a small scale, cat friendly cat hotel with skilled care in the middle of Brabants province’s natural beauty.

  • With large, separate rooms and gardens
  • With beautiful views and many exciting and interesting distractions
  • It is possible to bring your own belongings and food
  • Updates on your cat during their stay

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Cats Only

Wendy Govers –van Thiel
Broekkantseweg 15
5421 XW Gemert


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Cat Salon

The best care for your cat!

The cat salon by Cats Only: tailored, cat-friendly grooming services.

  • Make an appointment at home or in the salon
  • A cat friendly service
  • Work together to ensure tangle-free fur
  • Personal advice to prevent fur problems in the future

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Testimonials Hotel & Salon

Blackberry | mei. 2019

Salon 'First time visit, good experience and precessional service from Wendy. My cat enjoy his shower and had a relax time. Definitely will come back.' – Huis-Tuin-Keukenkat Blackberry door – Kuan uit Eindhoven (NB)

Edward | dec. 2018

Hotel 'This place is so adorable! It looked super clean. Wendy and her attendant were super nice and understanding! They sure run this hotel by heart. It was nice to receive updates on our cat with videos and photos! One of my favorite things was the fact that the place is cleansed from other cats’ scents as much. My cat usually gets stressed with other cats’ scents but I could tell there was none it was perfectly cleaned! Every cat gets their own room; it looked like a 5 star vacation! I am happy to continue dropping him off here when I need to! – Domestic Shorthair Edward door – Selin Kelly uit Wijchen (GE)

Blair & Amalia | aug. 2018

Hotel 'When our oldest cat, Amelia, was put on medication for her heart murmur we knew this meant we would need to change from the normal arrangements we made for when we would go away to something more formal. This combined with the arrival of our youngest cat Blair, a rescue who is incredibly shy, meant we started looking for a cattery. We were horrified to find every place we came across was of the "throw them all together" variety. Luckily, we found Wendy and Cats Only. One visit was all we needed to know that this was the place and person we wanted looking after our cats. Wendy has been excellent in understanding all of our (and the cats) needs. She provides wonderful care and the individual rooms keep Blair and Amelia feeling as comfortable as they can outside of their home environment. No request is too much for Wendy and she doesn't even bat an eyelid when we unload toys, blankets, baskets, and a cat tree from the car. As worried cat owners, we also appreciate the regular updates and photos. All in all, we are super happy to have a place for the cats to go to when we are away for long(er) periods of time, where we know Amelia and Blair will be looked after in a caring and personal way.' – HTK Blair & Amalia door – Heather Tucker uit Rotterdam (Zuid Holland)

Simon & Poppy | apr. 2018

Hotel As an expat, it is always a challenge to find safe and reliable businesses to work with, especially when it comes to taking care of my cats. I'm very lucky to have found Wendy who is not only a great professional but also a fun person to talk to. My usual visits are with my Maine Coon for grooming. Wendy is very thorough to make him look handsome and sharp. I had both my cats registered in the cat hotel over Christmas/ 2018 New Year's. Wendy was very accommodating even when it seemed we would not be able to get in, but in the end it worked out. I really like the attention she gave to my cats while I was on holiday and the photos & videos she would send me as an update. Definitely a person to trust with your cats :) – Maine Coon & European shorthair Simon & Poppy door – Ed uit Geldrop (Noord Brabant)

About me

I grew up on a farm between cats. I dreamt of working with animals. That dream became reality and now I get to work with cats on a daily basis. Every day I look after these beautiful and perky animals. A job that suits me perfectly!

In the Cats Only cat salon, in business since 2010, I help cats and their owners, who experience trouble with taking care of their pet’s fur. Due to my cat-friendly approach, those painful tangles are gone in no time. I literary help both cat and owner to feel good in their own fur and skin! It is amazing to see the owners and their cats leave the salon happy and content, with a lot of tips and tricks and in good spirits.

I also run an exclusive cat hotel, opened in May 2016. I started this new service under the philosophy of ‘dream-dare-do’, and after noticing the lack of cat hotels in The Netherlands.
In my hotel I offer spacious rooms for cats, which they don’t have to share with other guests. This makes the cats feel very comfortable and relaxed. And that ensures a pleasant vacation for both the cat and its owner.

Why did I start Cats Only? Because I feel that each cat deserves personal attention, the best care and the opportunity to be its own unique self!

nov 28, 2021 |

In het blog van vorige week: 'Rasartikel, de Maine Coon' vertelde ik je over het uiterlijk van de Maine Coon en stipte daarin aan dat dit ras een halflangharige vacht heeft. Je zou denken dat een dergelijke vacht veel vachtverzorging nodig heeft. Maar niets is minder waar. 

nov 21, 2021 |

De Maine Coon is 1 van de meest voorkomende rassen in Nederland, ik heb er zelf eentje in huis (onze Google) en ik zie ze heel vaak voorbijkomen in de kattentrimsalon en in het kattenhotel. Daarom is het zeker ook niet gek dat ik dit ras uitkoos voor mijn eindopdracht van de Pawpeds G1 cursus. 

Omdat het een te leerzaam stuk is geworden wilde ik het jullie niet onthouden. In dit artikel leer ik je meer over de oorsprong en het ontstaan, het uiterlijk en de ziektes van de Maine Coon. 

Smaakt het naar meer? Dat snap ik, daarom volgt er volgende week nog een blog over de Maine Coon. Dit keer over, hoe kan het ook anders, de vachtverzorging. 

okt 24, 2021 |

Door: Petra Kuster van Peet's katenspeelgoed

Je hebt het vast ook wel eens meegemaakt, er komt een geur je neus binnen en even waan je je ergens anders. Je gedachten voeren je terug naar een herinnering van vroeger of het roept een gevoel op, dit kan een fijn of minder fijn gevoel zijn. Je kunt door een geur ook honger of dorst ervaren.